Top 20 Sportsurge Alternatives For free sports streaming in 2023

Are you trying to find alternatives to SPORTSURGE for streaming sports online? Look no further – we’ve compiled a list of the top services available. Below, we’ll discuss each option in detail and provide specifics on features and advantages. Plus, we’ll give you an answer about what happened with LetMeWatchThis and if it’s working anymore, as well as a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the now-defunct website.

The Best Alternatives to SPORTSURGE


SPORTSTREAMTV is a sports streaming service that provides live streams of games and matches from July up to December, including football, tennis and basketball leagues around the world. Their library contains both new and archived live events, so you can catch up on the game you missed. Plus, their interface is clean and easy to navigate – allowing users to find the league or live event they’re looking for quickly and easily.



Feed2All is a free sports streaming website that allows users to access matches from numerous sports categories with ease. From golf tournaments in Korea and Germany to football leagues around Europe, Feed2All offers unlimited options for live events every day. They also update the website regularly, so you won’t have any problems finding new events.



MLB 66 is a sports streaming site that was specifically designed to make watching Major League Baseball easier and more convenient for baseball fans around the world. Whether it’s an ongoing season or playoffs – MLB 66 curates all available matches from official broadcasters and provides easy access to every single one of them in their library.



Volokit is a great alternative to SPORTSURGE, focusing on college sports events. Their service consists of live streaming options for major college American football and basketball matches from ESPN, CBS Sports Network and other networks in the United States. They update their library regularly and offer high-quality videos with constantly updated sources throughout the season.



StreamEast is a full-on sports streaming platform that offers live streams of over 3,500 games every month to its users. The service covers all major soccer leagues across Europe, such as the English Premier League, German Bundesliga or Spanish La Liga and many more. They also provide HD quality video for most matches, and their library includes rich content from different brands like Fox Sports, ESPN2 Europe or BT Sport Extra 2.



Footybite is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an alternative to SPORTSURGE, which offers free streaming options of soccer leagues worldwide. They have a vast library including different games from Spain, Germany and Italy as well as some college tournaments in the United States like NCAA Football or Big Ten conference matches. Plus, they offer exclusive broadcasts with a quality pictures alongside live score updates and schedules so users can easily find their favorite teams or events without any hassle.



Sportp2p is a streaming site dedicated to Football and other sports from Europe, primarily focusing on the top 5 leagues in England, Spain, Italy and Germany. Their platform provides live streams of multiple games alongside exclusive content like highlight videos for users to watch whenever they please. They also keep their library updated with new competitions every weekend during the season and offer HD quality video across all devices – making it an amazing alternative to SPORTSURGE.



Stream2Watch is a live-streaming website that offers access to many sports events and competitions. From NFL football games to NASCAR racing or basketball matches in the NBA, this platform has you covered with every major event as well as some smaller ones such as MMA Fight Nights or international football tournaments. Stream2watch also provides reliable sources for each game and updates its library regularly throughout each season – all free of cost.



Viprow Sports is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an alternative to SPORTSURGE that offers great quality streams of sports events worldwide. Committed to providing their users with reliable and easy access to any live sport, the platform delivers a huge range of matches, from NFL football games in America to rugby tournaments in England. Best of all, they offer each broadcast free with no subscriptions or pay-per-view fees – making it one of the best options out there.



Bosscast is another great sports streaming service that lets you watch major events and teams from across Europe and America right on your device. Their library covers numerous leagues, including NFL football in the USA through La Liga in Spain or Bundesliga in Germany, so you can always find something to fit your needs whether you’re a fan of soccer or American football. Plus, they update their list with new competitions and leagues every month – all without any cost.



VipBox is an online streaming platform that specializes in football, rugby, tennis and golf matches from various European countries such as England or Italy. Moreover, they offer high-quality video broadcasts of each game sans lags or buffering issues – making it a perfect alternative to SPORTSURGE for any sports enthusiast on the go. Plus, their library updates regularly with new events added daily – you won’t miss a game regardless of when it happens.



Mama HD is another site that specializes in the online streaming of sports games and tournaments from around the world. The website offers both free and premium content, allowing users to watch what they like for whatever price works best for them. Furthermore, Mama HD covers all major sporting events taking place on any given day, regardless of which country it’s from or when the match happens.



My P2P is a streaming website dedicated to living broadcasts of football matches around Europe and other parts of the world. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like peer-to-peer (p2p) broadcasting, this platform offers HD streams at low latency so you can watch your favorite teams play without any lags or buffering. Plus, their library updates regularly with new games scheduled for upcoming weekends – all free of cost.


Crackstreams is a great alternative to SPORTSURGE if you’re interested in basketball matches around the world. From college competitions in the USA to international tournaments like Euroleague and NBA Playoffs, this platform covers it all – including live broadcasts of each game right on your device. Not only that, but their library updates regularly with new matches added daily – you can always find something new to watch.



Goatdee is an online sports streaming platform that offers users free access to high-quality broadcasts of basketball, football and other sporting events from across the world. While their site does not contain a huge variety of leagues or competitions compared to most other services on this list, Goatdee still provides great quality streams for most of the games they offer.



StreamHunter is another possibility for anyone looking for alternatives to SPORTSURGE which offers free streaming options of sporting events and competitions from all over the world. From MLB baseball to NFL football and international rugby tournaments – Streamhunter has you covered no matter what your preferences are. Their library updates regularly with new games added every day, plus it’s always free to access, so you can watch your favorite teams from the comfort of your own home.


WiZiWiG offers a full range of sports streaming options, covering each major sport with multiple different leagues and competitions. Whether it’s football or hockey in the USA, through baseball and basketball tournaments across Europe – this platform has you covered with every match happening around the world. Plus, their service is free, as opposed to most other streaming sites, and it runs smoothly with no delays or lag.



NBA Streams is a sports streaming service dedicated to offering free broadcasts of basketball games from around the world on your PC, laptop and mobile device. The site curates each match in HD quality video, so you can experience every bounce anytime and anywhere without too much effort on your part – making it an amazing alternative to SPORTSURGE if most of what you’re looking for is NBA games.



FirstRowSports is a website dedicated to hosting free live sports streams. From NFL football and NBA basketball through rugby tournaments and baseball leagues – this platform has you covered with every major sport in both North America and Europe. They also offer high-quality video that updates regularly with new games added each day, making it one of the best destinations for those looking for an alternative to SPORTSURGE’s streaming services.



Bilasport is a free streaming service dedicated to sports fans. Whether it’s basketball, football or rugby – this platform offers free streams of all major competitions from around the world with reliable sources and no subscription fees. Plus, their library updates regularly with new games accessible both on PC and mobile devices at the high-quality video and low latency, so you can follow the action without any buffering issues.

What happened to Sportsurge?

Sportsurge used to be a popular streaming website for sports, TV shows and movies back in 2015. Since then, the service has shut down due to copyright infringement issues, so it’s no longer available to users.

Is Sportsurge Working?

Unfortunately, since Sportsurge was taken offline several years ago – the service is no longer working, and there are no plans to bring it back.

Sportsurge FAQs

Q: What happened to LetMeWatchThis?

The website was taken offline a few years ago due to copyright infringement issues.

Q: Is it still available for streaming services?

No, the website is no longer available for streaming services.

Q: Is it possible to find similar services?

Yes, there are many streaming sites that offer live sports broadcasts either free or with subscription fees.

Q: Are there any alternatives that offer similar services?

Yes, many streaming sites provide free or paid access to sports broadcasts on various devices. The list provided above includes some of the best options out there.


Sports streaming sites are a great way to enjoy your favorite events and leagues without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking for college games, NFL football or NBA basketball – there’s an alternative out there that fits perfectly with what you want. The list above includes some of our favorites, and we hope it helps you find something new to watch in no time!

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