Top Alternatives to WATCHCARTOONONLINE for Enjoying Cartoons

Cartoons are loved by people of all ages. They can bring joy and laughter into any situation, especially for kids during their leisure time. But finding the best cartoon streaming sites isn’t easy – until now! One of the most popular ones is WATCHCARTOONONLINE. Unfortunately, it has been down recently, but there are some great alternatives out there that can be used.




4Anime is an excellent entertainment platform that brings the world’s best cartoons, and anime shows right into your living room. It comes with a comprehensive library of content, covering everything from Oscar-winning classics like Frozen two or My Little Pony to edgy adult cartoons like Simpsons or Bob’s Burgers. The interface of the site is also very clean, allowing you to navigate through the wide variety of titles and check reviews quickly in order to decide what show you want to watch next. 4Anime also boasts an impressively large library of anime shows that users can access with just one click from anywhere in the world



JustDubs offers an impressive selection of cartoons for all ages that are sure to keep viewers entertained. This top alternative to WATCHCARTOONONLINE allows users to watch their favorite shows online, with no registration or sign-up required. JustDubs also offers its cartoons in different file formats so that you can stream them from any device on the web. The website is straightforward and easy to use, offering categories including action, romance and horror, along with weekly updates of new episodes and series.



Animepark is an amazing streaming service that brings super-awesome cartoons and anime shows right to your screen. It comes with a wealth of content, featuring everything from beloved Disney movies like The Lion King or Toy Story to classic old-school animes such as Dragon Ball Z. In addition, Animepark has excellent features such as subtitles in different languages, multiple video quality settings and a convenient search engine which allows you to find whatever show you’re looking for quickly and easily.



Chiaanime is the go-to place for fans of Japanese anime. This incredible streaming platform offers a wide variety of shows and movies, including titles from some of the most popular creators, like Studio Ghibli and Funimation. The website’s interface is modern and clean, with no ads or intrusive pop-ups in sight. You can search by genre or studio to easily narrow down your library options, plus there are helpful descriptions about each episode so you know exactly what you’re getting into before watching it.



Funimation is renowned for its vast and varied library of anime content; Funimation has developed a great reputation in the streaming world as one of the top alternatives to WATCHCARTOONONLINE. The platform boasts over 15000 episodes which include new releases, movies, simulcasts and more – all organized neatly by genre or studio to make finding you’re favorite show a breeze. It also supports multiple languages, including English, Japanese and Spanish, creating an enjoyable viewing experience no matter where you are in the world.



MasterAnime offers great cartoon streaming services for both casual fans and die-hard otaku alike. This service allows viewers to browse through different genres of shows and movies that include classic favorites such as Naruto or Cowboy Bebop, plus more niche titles too. MasterAnime is available to view on any device (Desktop, Laptop and Mobile), which makes it an ideal pick for anyone who wants to watch cartoons with ease. It also has no registration process, so there’s no need to worry about logging in or providing personal information before getting started.



9Anime is the place where you can find all of your anime needs! Offering over 15000 episodes from various genres, including Adventure, Drama and Sci-Fi, this online streaming platform brings you more anime than you can imagine. The website has a simplistic user interface which makes it easy to navigate, plus there are helpful descriptions for each show that make discovering new titles a breeze! Plus, with no sign-up process required, getting started on 9Anime is effortless.



Animeultima is the ultimate destination for cartoon fans and those who love old-school Japanese anime. This top alternative to WATCHCARTOONONLINE features a huge library of content that can be sorted by genre, studio or language – all with no subscription needed! It’s also super simple to use, and the website has an easy navigation menu that allows users to find what they are looking for quickly.



Animekarma is another great option for anyone who loves cartoons but doesn’t want to commit to a subscription. It has an amazing library of content featuring both old and new shows that are sure to please viewers of all ages. The website is also very user-friendly, with helpful plot summaries for each series which can be accessed quickly and easily, so you know exactly what you’re getting into before streaming it.



AnimePlanet is the perfect destination for any viewer who wants to watch a variety of cartoon series. It comes with a great selection of content, featuring everything from classics like Batman: The Animated Series and Sailor Moon to more recent favorites like My Hero Academia. In addition, AnimePlanet has excellent features that make finding your favorite show so much easier, such as the ability to search by genre or studio – plus, it also offers helpful reviews which give you an idea before diving in.



AnimeToon is a great streaming service for anyone who loves cartoons and anime shows. It comes with an impressive variety of titles from different genres, plus the website has excellent features that make finding your favorite show even easier, such as searching by genre or studio. The interface is modern and easy to use, without any intrusive pop-ups or ads, which makes it ideal for kids. Ultimately this top alternative to WATCHCARTOONONLINE can easily become your first stop when looking for cartoon streaming services.



AnimeDao is an amazing platform for any anime fan, as it offers a huge selection of content from old and new shows. This streaming service does require registration, but signing up is quick and easy; plus, there are no pesky ads in sight, which makes browsing through titles hassle-free. In addition, AnimeDao also has helpful reviews that give you more information before diving into your next series, making it ideal for all ages.



CartoonCrazy is perfect for anyone who wants to watch cartoons in full HD. It features a wide selection of titles from different genres, plus the video and audio quality are top-notch, meaning that you get to enjoy your favorite shows without any issues. In addition, CartoonCrazy has an intuitive user interface with no ads or pop-ups in sight – which makes it ideal for kids. Plus, the website is also easy to navigate, so you can search for your favorite show in no time.



Kisscartoon is a great streaming service for anyone who loves cartoons, with a library featuring everything from cult classics like Scooby Doo or The Powerpuff Girls to some old-school favorites like Tom and Jerry. The interface of the site is clean and straightforward as well – allowing users to quickly search for their favorite show and begin watching without any hassle. Kisscartoon also boasts excellent video quality, creating a great viewing experience.



AnimeFreak is one of the top alternatives to WATCHCARTOONONLINE, with an impressive library boasting over 15000 titles that include both old favorites and some hidden gems too. It’s also very user-friendly, as there are no ads or intrusive pop-ups in sight, so you can seamlessly browse through different genres and start streaming with ease. In addition, AnimeFreak also offers helpful reviews to give viewers more information before they dive into their next show.



Anilinkz is an incredible online platform that brings a plethora of cartoons and anime shows right to your living room. It boasts an impressive library that features both old classics like The Simpsons and SpongeBob SquarePants to more modern titles like Naruto and Death Note. The user interface of this website is also clean and straightforward, allowing viewers to navigate through the different genres quickly and find their favorite show in no time.



AniWatcher provides excellent cartoon streaming services with its comprehensive library featuring everything from beloved classics like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Looney Tunes to some edgy adult cartoons too. It’s incredibly easy to use as well, with a modern interface and an intuitive search engine that allows viewers to find their favorite show in no time. Plus, there are also helpful descriptions for each episode that give users more information before streaming it.


As of 2021, the website is not active anymore due to legal issues. The service had been around since 2008, but the site was shut down after receiving copyright infringement claims from certain media owners. Despite this, it remains one of the most popular cartoon streaming services even today, and there are plenty of alternatives that can be used in its place.


No, the website is not active anymore due to alleged legal issues. However, there are many alternative options out there so viewers can access their favorite cartoons with ease.


Can I still watch cartoons on WATCHCARTOONONLINE?

Unfortunately, no. The website is no longer active due to alleged legal issues.

Are there any alternatives to WATCHCARTOONONLINE?

Yes, there are many great services out there that offer cartoon streaming easily and without ads. We’ve listed a few of them above.

Does WATCHCARTOONONLINE require a subscription?

No, it did not require any kind of registration or sign-up to use the website when it was still active.

What happened to the original WATCHCARTOONONLINE website?

As of 2021, it is currently inactive due to alleged legal issues.

Is it safe to use other WATCHCARTOONONLINE alternatives?

Yes, most of the listed alternative websites are generally safe and free from any malicious content or ads.

Conclusion: Wrap-up

WatchCartoonOnline may currently be inactive, but there are still plenty of opportunities for viewers to access their favorite cartoons again. We’ve put together a list of top alternatives that offer great streaming services without any need for registration or subscription, so viewers of all ages can enjoy their favorite shows in no time. Whether you’re looking for classic Disney movies like Frozen 2 or old-school animes such as Dragon Ball Z, there is something here for everyone – giving each viewer a chance to reconnect with their childhood memories.

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