123MOVIES Alternatives – The Ultimate Guide

As one of the world’s most popular free movie streaming sites, it is not uncommon to assume that 123Movies will always remain firmly planted as an entertainment source for viewers. However, the site has recently gone through a series of unpredictable transformations and limitations – leaving some fans looking for other places where their favorite movies are still available without restrictions or expensive prices. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to some of the top 123Movies alternatives and help fans get back to watching movies as soon as possible.

123MOVIES Alternatives of 2023 Which Actually WORK!



Hurawatch is a rapidly growing streaming site that promises excellent quality and constant content updates, making it one of the most innovative new sites for movie viewing today. It also offers great search capabilities so visitors can find exactly what they are looking for in seconds. Hurawatch is completely free, making it one of the most convenient and least expensive ways to always have great movies on hand.



Vumoo stands out for its unique “TV show collection” that ensures viewers never miss an episode or episode order of their favorite shows. It offers good organization across genres, years, IMDB ratings and more, so users can easily find the content they are looking for without struggling through a giant maze of movies. With a simple account setup and high-performance streaming, Vumoo is rapidly becoming one of the best ways to view higher-quality films without paying expensive prices or signing up for streaming services.



XumoTV stands out from other sites by integrating more social media as part of its user interface. This makes it easy for users to connect with friends about what they are watching – or even discover new titles across social platforms. This site is especially great for those who love to share content, as XumoTV allows you to not only log in with your current accounts but create a brand new account quickly and easily, all from the same interface.



Vex Movies has added additional features in recent months that make it one of the most comprehensive streaming services today – including more sorting options and better navigation around shows that ultimately leave users satisfied after every single search. It also allows you to view in 4K, which is perfect for those who prefer watching their favorite films in the best quality possible without any interruptions, lags or other issues.



LetMeWatchThis is quickly becoming one of the most popular streaming services available due to its unique design and simple navigation features that allow users to easily switch between genres and different types of movies– including blockbuster movies and classic films all in one place. What makes this site truly special is its integration with a handful of additional services, such as Putlocker, which increases the number of available choices even further and gives viewers an even better selection.



Snagfilms stands out not only for its expansive library of over 5,000 movies but also for its in-depth documentaries section that can’t usually be found on other streaming websites. The service also boasts support for dozens of different devices, making it accessible across more platforms than ever before. Additionally, many users find the user-friendly interface greatly simplifies the process of finding and watching movies with ease – making Snagfilms one of our top 123Movies alternatives.



Kanopy is another great alternative to 123Movies that stands out due to its educational sections from various film institutions such as The Criterion Collection and The Great Courses. Its well-laid and intuitive interface also make it easy to find new movies or documentaries that you haven’t seen before in minutes – ideal for those who are eager to explore the world of film but need a little help getting started.



Afdah is unique amongst 123Movies Alternatives as it boasts more features than many of its competitors, including multiple language support, fast streaming speeds, and a wide collection of movies across various genres. It’s also one of the more secure sites around today – giving users peace of mind when it comes to protecting their personal data while they watch content on Afdah.



Another great alternative to 123Movies is Couchtuner, which has recently become one of the most popular free streaming services available thanks to its easy-to-navigate interface and “TV show collection” that makes it easy to keep up with your favorite series without missing any episodes. It’s also one of the most reliable sources for streaming online TV shows, boasting high-quality streams and quick response times.



Viki is by far one of the most popular 123Movies alternatives available today – not only because of its huge selection of movies from around the world but also due to its easy integration with existing platforms such as YouTube, Netflix and Hulu for users who need an extra streaming boost when watching their favorite shows. Fans of international content will love Viki because it not only gives viewers the option to select videos in multiple languages– but also includes translations into their native language right on the same page.



Crackle is a great alternative to 123Movies that’s often overlooked by many movie lovers due to its lack of selection and rather simplistic navigation. However, it’s still a good alternative as it boasts many great films from the 90s– including some obscure classics that can be difficult to find anywhere else. Users who don’t mind taking their time when browsing will quickly fall in love with Crackle – giving them access to decades worth of great titles without spending extra money on streaming services or renting DVDs separately.



MoviesJoy stands out amongst 123Movies alternatives due to its easy-to-use layout and highly organized categories that make searching for specific genres much quicker than many other streaming services. It offers a wide selection of movies across all decades, giving viewers access to some old favorites– as well as brand new films all with one account. Finally, MoviesJoy is 100% free – making it the ideal choice for movie fans on tight budgets who still want high-quality entertainment.



Rainierland is quickly becoming one of the most popular streaming services in recent years due to its comprehensive library that includes many titles across a wide range of genres. The site also boasts an impressive organizational system, allowing users to easily sort and search for specific films or series with ease– as well as discover new favorites through recommended options available on each page. This platform’s user-friendliness makes it ideal whether you’re a beginner when it comes to streaming or an experienced veteran.



SpaceMov offers yet another great selection of films and series that can easily be streamed online with fast speeds (no lags or loading screens) and no fees required– making it one of the most convenient 123Movies alternatives available today. Additionally, SpaceMov provides HD options for some series– which is perfect for those who prefer watching their shows in the best quality possible without having to break the bank.



For those looking for great international content, Einthusan is a top 123Movies alternative that offers an impressive collection spanning Asian countries like India and China – all with excellent viewers’ ratings and comments included beneath each movie or show. This fantastic resource also features exclusive content such as interviews, reviews and news-related entertainment topics – helping fans keep up with the latest trends and learn more about their favorite series.



OnionPlay is yet another fantastic 123Movies alternative that stands out due to its expansive selection of movies, TV shows and documentaries from around the world – categorized into various genre sections for quick browsing. With no advertisements or registration requirements, viewers can easily enjoy full-length films without spending additional money– making it one of our top picks if you’re looking for an easy viewing experience that won’t waste your time.



Projectfreetv is one of the most highly-rated streaming sites online due to its sophisticated search engine, intuitive interface and great selection across genres – making it perfect for movie fans who crave variety but don’t want to spend too much money in the process. The service also features a regularly updated list of suggestions so users can easily keep up with their favorite series or discover new titles today.



LosMovies is a great 123movies alternative for those who prefer services that don’t require registration or other logins in order to access content – as LosMoview offers full-length films and TV shows without asking users to do anything more than click on the item they want to watch. It also often features higher quality streams, making it ideal for those who prefer to watch movies in the best quality possible.



123Chill is quickly becoming a great resource for streaming entertainment today– boasting a huge library of cinema and TV series in multiple languages, all without requiring any fees to access or registration requests. It also features over 1500 HD movies that can be streamed with lightning speeds – plus exclusive downloads on some sections make this site one of our top 123Movies alternatives on the list.



M4UFree stands out amongst competitors due to its impressive selection of films and series available for streaming; including multiple languages (so you’re never limited when searching for international content) as well as top releases located across genres like drama, comedy, thriller and more. It also keeps track of movies hearted or bookmarked by visitors – so you can easily find new favorites in a matter of seconds.



iFvod is another top 123Movies alternative that offers great functionality and features such as parental control settings, the option to pick between various genres and a comprehensive library across all kinds of categories for the easier organization– making it ideal for those who like having some extra customization options when finding new movies. It also boasts higher quality streams than many competitors – perfect if you’re planning on viewing movies from your devices in HD.



Yesmovies makes finding great titles to watch easier than ever thanks to its intuitive interface, beautiful design and simple navigation– plus, no fees or registration is required to access the vast collection of series, documentaries and movies on this platform as one of the top streaming sites currently available online, Yesmovies boasts a huge selection that’s constantly expanding so visitors can find new favorites all from the same service, with ease.



For those who find large libraries overwhelming or need help narrowing down their selection, Tinyzone is a great 123Movies alternative as it features smaller-scale collections – but still keeps all the favorites in categories like drama, comedy and more. Additionally, This streaming service also offers an ‘upcoming releases’ page so users can get excited to watch upcoming films while they wait for them to come out on DVD.



SolarMovies is another top 123Movies alternative – boasting one of the most comprehensive libraries available online, with titles spanning every genre and featuring popular picks from all decades. Its easy-to-use search filters and “suggested movies” feature make it simpler for users to find new favorites in minutes–while its great selection will keep everyone entertained for hours at a time.



Last but certainly not least, we have Putlocker, a classic and well-respected streaming site that boasts one of the greatest libraries available today–including tonnes of movies, TV shows and documentaries across a wide range of genres. It also allows users to sign in with their existing accounts so they can keep up with favorites more easily, whether they use it on its own or as an extra boost while watching through other services.

What happened to 123MOVIES?

The answer is not entirely clear, but it seems that the website faced a series of legal issues over the years, which eventually caused its closure. However, other streaming services such as those mentioned above are still available for viewing without restrictions or fees – allowing those who loved 123Movies to enjoy great films and television shows from other sources in their stead.

Is 123MOVIES Working?

No, it has been shut down due to legal issues as mentioned above. However, there are many great 123Movies alternatives available today that can get you back to watching all your favorite films and series without enduring any of the roadblocks associated with a closure such as this one – making sure viewers don’t miss out on entertainment they love while still maintaining their safety throughout.


1. What are the best 123MOVIES Alternatives?

The best alternatives to 123Movies currently available on the internet include Hurawatch, Vumoo, XumoTV, Vexmovies, LetMeWatchThis, SnagFilms, Kanopy, Afdah and CouchTuner – each with their own unique features and advantages that make them an ideal choice for those who miss 123Movies but couldn’t bear to pay for additional streaming services.

2. Is 123MOVIES safe to use?

No, due to the legal issues associated with it and its closure in recent years, 123movies is no longer considered safe for viewing or downloading movies online – thus, we advise against doing so from any of the remaining sources associated with this service.

3. What has replaced 123MOVIES?

Unfortunately, nothing will replace 123Movies as it has been closed for good due to legal issues. However, many of the sites listed above offer similar features, if not better quality content – making them ideal sources for entertainment once again.

4. Is streaming free on any of the 123MOVIES Alternatives?

Yes, all of these websites are completely free and do not require users to pay any fees or sign up for specific accounts in order to watch movies or series.

5. Is it legal to stream from 123MOVIES Alternatives?

Yes, as all of the alternatives listed above are legal and won’t require viewers to break any laws while streaming content –thus ensuring they stay within the confines established by local legislation when browsing for entertainment online with ease.

6. Do 123MOVIES Alternatives offer HD movies?

Yes, many of these websites boast high-definition quality content – so viewers can enjoy the same experience they had with 123Movies but in an even more comprehensive format that includes additional features such as subtitles and language support.

7. What devices can I stream from these 123MOVIES Alternatives?

Each service has its own list of compatible devices; however, most will work on anything with an internet connection, such as mobile phones, tablets or computers. Additionally, many of them also boast streaming compatibility across a wide range of smart tv brands – so viewers can enjoy films from the big screen with ease.

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