M4UFREE – Explore Top 23 Alternatives for Free Movies & TV Series

Are you looking for free streaming services like M4UFree? The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives available to get access to movies, web series and other digital content. While it is true that M4UFree has been one of the most renowned free streaming websites for many years now, its users have lately switched to several alternative sites due to its stopped services.

That’s why, in this article, you will get to explore some of the best alternatives that can be used as a substitute for M4UFree.

List of Top Alternatives To M4UFREE



Being one of the most popular websites after 123movies and Putlocker, LosMovies offers high-quality streaming services along with some added options for its users. It has a simple and user-friendly interface available in all languages, making it convenient for the viewers to sign up without any difficulty. The content is sorted as per their respective genres, which further makes navigation easy for the viewers.



This website is an extremely popular movie streaming service that provides free and unrestricted access to updated TV shows & movies library. It has an effective search engine that makes it easy for users to locate the desired content of their choice. Along with the navigation option, Letmewatchthis also offers a variety of other options that can be used while killing time at home, such as watchlists, ratings and the latest uploaded movies list.



This website is the go-to source for content from different countries, and it regularly updates its library, making sure that all current movies are included. It also has an interesting list of TV shows that you can watch through any device provided with a decent internet connection speed. Vumoo literally hosts thousands of titles in their Catalog, thus, offering a one-stop solution for the streaming needs of viewers worldwide.



Yet another popular name in the online streaming world, 123movies enables its viewers to access free movies and TV Shows legally. Its eye-appealing interface and easy access let anyone enjoy their favorite content with scarcely any difficulties or charges involved.



This alternative has a simple design but is extremely efficient when it comes to accessing top-rate movies without much hassle. Despite being an old movie website, PutLocker continues to house some of the most valuable currency and classic content one can find anywhere else.



Do you love culturally rich movies from India? Then Einthusan is just for you. It provides its members access to a wide range of Indian films, ranging from classical Bollywood hits to recent Punjabi cinema releases as well other regional language content. Along with the movie streaming service, it also facilitates music streaming, so the viewers don’t get bored while looking for their favorite songs.



This website is another exemplary alternative to M4UFree which offers great quality movies completely free. However, this website doesn’t have an impressive library of TV Series like the latter does and only focuses on providing unlimited access to movies online.



This website is the perfect hub for all the popular TV Shows, with collections ranging from classic sitcoms to recent drama series. Sidereel provides its viewers a ‘To Watch’ list, thus providing convenience in managing their activities and tracking which content they are following without missing any episode.



With an easy-to-use interface, this online streaming site has been able to reach heights of popularity due to its impressive collection of movies and access to a rich variety of on-demand content such as anime, kid’s shows, television series and more.



Cucirca is a blessing for Television lovers who want to stream TV Shows without any hassle anytime – anywhere! It also offers several options in terms of quality by which the viewers can choose according to their streaming device’s compatibility.



This website is famous for its vast collection of TV Series ranging from exceptional classics to the latest hits that should not miss your list. It also keeps a tab on which shows have finished airing and provides access accordingly but remember it also works as a magnet link; thus, you will require an efficient torrent downloading software like uTorrent or BitComet afterward.



Ifvod is one of the newly launched On-demand streaming services that serves its customers with great quality content and acts as a repository for all masters in realms of Movies, Anime and Comedy, making it a unique entry on this list. Its simple design yet eye-catching navigation further makes it worthy of mentioning here.



It is an effortless online portal to watch movies without any restrictions or complications while registering. This user-friendly site displays all its content resized on the home page along with some crucial data such as IMDb ratings, trailer and genre, allowing users to choose wisely.



Hurawatch is a relatively new online streaming service that has been around for a good amount of time now, offering its viewers a unique combination of classic films and the most recent releases through their affordable subscription plans.



This website is known to have one of the finest collections of classic Hollywood movies, along with being rich in current marvels too. As this site provides its users unlimited access after subscription, it surely deserves a spot on our list.



This online streaming portal can be your all-time destination if you never get bored by watching the same content over and over again, as ProjectFreeTV proves to be a great help in streaming movies with minimal advertisements. Moreover, it also offers access to different TV series collections and even allows you to sort titles as per the year of release or their relevance.



SolarMovies is considered one of the major faces among websites providing unrestricted flows to any desired content without requiring its users to sign up first. The interface gives visitors an easy way out while navigating through various options allowing them to watch everything from Classics to Recent Cinema.



Unlike some other websites, which feature only commercial and free buttons with associated links, SockShare also brings its visitors a movie-based App for more convenient access along with a unique content categorization system & search filters.



And lastly, the well-organized library of YesMovies is the best replacement you can think of for M4U Free. Its showcase aspect is just exceptional and can be explored further by every registered user, and that too without having to pay any fees.



This website serves a rich catalog of TV series, anime & cartoons while also featuring some additional sports-related content under its main entertainment division. Online visitors find this site extremely helpful due to its simple search function.



This website is popular for serving its visitor’s historical collection of Cinema since it houses a wide range of internationally acclaimed films to locally produced content making it is marking one of the most versatile digital libraries.



This streaming service provides access to hundreds of movies and television shows with an advertisement-free interface that keeps all unwanted interruptions at bay while viewing your favorite films across different platforms.



Finally, we have TheWatchSeries in our list of M4UFree alternatives which offers its viewers access to their desired television shows without any registration process and that too completely free.

What happened to M4UFREE?

M4UFree initially went down due to its increasingly becoming the target of criminal lawsuits back in 2016, as these kinds of websites are violating laws by providing unlicensed content and streaming them to the public. It didn’t become operative until 2018, but soon after, in 2019 M4UFree got down again along with some other websites due to issues between their parent company ‘GoMovies’ and the authorities, thus creating room for the emergence of new digital libraries.

Is M4UFREE Working?

Currently, No; M4U has recently gone off-air once again unjustly among some other websites from the same network hence making it difficult to be back on the game anytime soon.


Q: Why is M4U Free stopped?

A: It has been targeted amidst lawsuits alleging violations of copyright and license laws in providing free streaming services.

Q: Is there any way I can get its content again?

A: Yes! You can take advantage of its alternative streaming services listed here to access the same content.

Q: Is it legal to use any free movie website?

A: No, some websites could be violating copyright laws while displaying content on their portal.

Q.: Are there any charges involved in accessing these alternatives?

A: No, all these sites are completely free for use without any registration fees.

Q: Is the content quality of this portal is same as M4UFree?

A: Yes, all sites mentioned above are known for their exceptional display and audio qualities while streaming movies or other video content.


The bottom line is that there’s no size-fit solution when it comes to choosing an alternative to M4U Free – instead, it’s important to undergo through the above-mentioned list properly and make sure you are selecting the right one according to your requirements. All these websites provide a great convenience in accessing digital content without restrictive policies or any other financially related issues thus, replacing M4UFree with any of them won’t be such a bad idea at all!

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