MLB66 Alternative 2023: The Ultimate List of Top 24 Working Alternatives

When it comes to streaming live sports online, MLB66 was a popular choice. Unfortunately, this service recently ceased operations and left many users wondering where they should turn to watch the games they enjoy. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives that offer more features and higher-quality streams than even MLB66 did in many cases. Here is an overview of some of the best options available for catching all your favorite teams in action:

Alternatives to MLB66 for Watching Live Sports


This popular streaming service is favored by fans of American sports like the NFL that aren’t available on services like MLB66. It offers streams from a wide range of leagues and tournaments, including Premier League Soccer, NCAA Basketball, soccer matches from around the world, and more. Crackstreams also has HD streams, so users can enjoy ultra-realistic gameplay. Most importantly for many viewers, it offers the ability to sign up with an email address or a Facebook profile, which makes it easy to access.



This free sports streaming service is powered by volunteers who share live play-by-play feeds of sporting events all over the world in real-time. As a result, users can tune in for most major games on any given day and even get notified when their favorite team’s game is about to start. The streams themselves are high-quality, and viewers can watch on any device they please.



This streaming service offers a variety of specific sports coverage, such as football or basketball matches, soccer and hockey tournaments, MMA fights, tennis competitions and more. With Sportsbay, you can search for your favorite teams in an easy way to get instant access to the broadcasts, which is great if you’re looking for live sports action right now rather than having to wait for a certain event.



This sports streaming platform is powered by user-generated content and offers detailed schedules of upcoming events, as well as the ability to tune in live. It also provides some other great features such as videos on demand, replays and highlights packages, podcasts, and talk shows related to your favorite teams or leagues – so you’re sure not to miss out! It works with any device, and its intuitive design makes it perfect for users of any level.


This streaming service focuses mainly on football but also offers coverage of a wide range of other sports, from tennis to basketball and more. This platform is free-to-use and provides high-quality streams with live chat capabilities, so you can enjoy the games with friends or join in some friendly banter about your favorite team’s boards any time! Additionally, this site has a rich database of video content that can be watched on demand, as well as replays and highlights packages.



This platform provides fans with live streams from various sports competitions in HD quality streams. It is easy to use since it organizes events by sport type, tournament or even country of origin, so you can easily find the game you want to watch without any hassle. Additionally, it doesn’t require registration, so users have complete privacy while watching their sports online.



This site is the perfect solution for all NBA fans that want to catch every single moment of their favorite teams’ games live. It provides users with a huge selection of both HD and SD streams from various sources around the world, so it doesn’t matter if you can’t get access to the broadcasts in some parts of the globe – this platform will bring them right to you!



Much like the other solutions on this list, MyP2P has an intuitive design and provides its users with a wide selection of streams from all kinds of sports from around the world. It offers fast loading times and HD-quality video, as well as replays that can be watched at any time afterward.


Sportstream is yet another great choice for fans of live sports. It has a simple design, high-quality streams and a wide selection of matches from all over the world, so you can always find something to watch regardless of your interest in any particular sport. In addition, replays are available for most games as well!



This website offers users a comprehensive list of both current and upcoming events – making it easy to stay up-to-date on which competitions are scheduled next and when. Additionally, there are also some great features like a calendar of events, reminding you when your favorite teams are playing or upcoming tournaments that may be noteworthy to watch.



This streaming service provides live streams and replays in HD quality for all popular sports as well, so you’re never late on watching the action! StopStream works with any device and offers fast loading times which makes it perfect even if you’re not looking for that action right just now but want to catch up and watch it later.



This streaming platform is specifically designed for fans of sports. It offers HD-quality streams from various sources all over the world, so you don’t have to worry about buffering or slow connection speeds; loading times are always fast and smooth! Additionally, FromHot also has replays available for most events as well.



This streaming website offers coverage of a variety of different sporting events. It features a wide range of sports and leagues, including football, basketball, hockey or anything else that may interest you. The site also has fast loading times and high-quality streams, so you’re guaranteed to always get the best experience possible when watching live sports online!

Fox Sports


If you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality streaming platform, then look no further than Fox Sports. This site provides users with full coverage of their favorite teams’ games in HD quality as well as taking you right up-to-the-minute news about their recent tournaments or matches played against other leagues around the world.



This sports streaming service is dedicated to covering all kinds of football – from major international tournaments down to local and school team events. All content on Footybite is streamed in HD quality with no buffering or interruption. Additionally, there’s a great social media interface so you can connect directly with other fans watching the same match alongside you.



This site provides users with streams from various sports competitions and events around the world. It has an easy-to-use design that lets any level of the user quickly search for their favorite teams or tournaments and start streaming right away. Most streamed games are in high-definition quality with no buffering or interruption, which makes the experience even more enjoyable!



This streaming service works similarly to others on the list – offering HD streams from a wide range of sports and soccer tournaments, including basketball. It has an eye-catching design that’s easy to navigate, and it provides users with detailed information such as schedules, current standings, news updates, etc.

Sports Stream


This site provides fans with a great selection of live streams from around the world. It’s easy to use and has fast loading times, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything important! Additionally, Sports Stream also offers HD-quality replays for most games, so you can always catch up afterward.



SportSurge is a great platform for fans of sports looking to catch the latest games and tournaments. It offers a wide selection of matches from various leagues around the world, as well as detailed information about each game – such as current standings, schedules and more! Additionally, it also has HD-quality streams with no buffering or interruption for an enjoyable experience every time you tune in.



This streaming service focuses mainly on football but provides coverage of other sports as well. This platform is a great choice for fans looking to catch the latest games and tournaments from around the world – in HD quality with no buffering or interruption. Additionally, Stream2Watch also offers replays for most matches, so you can easily keep up with all of your favorite teams at any time!


This platform provides viewers with live sports streams from all over the web, including some very obscure competitions like beach volleyball or competitive gaming. Laola1 has an easy-to-use interface that organizes sports by type, country or tournament to make finding the game you’re looking for a breeze! Additionally, it also provides HD-quality streams with no buffering or interruptions.



This streaming service focuses mainly on soccer from around the world and offers detailed information like standings and schedules so fans can always stay up-to-date on their favorite teams. It also features replays of past matches and even some highlights packages as well – all in HD quality with no buffering or interruption.



This is another great choice for fans that want to stay up-to-date on their favorite sports from around the world! The streaming service offers a variety of different games in high-definition – with detailed information about each to make sure you never miss a match. Additionally, replays are also available for most matches, so you can catch up on anything crucial that happened while you were away.



This streaming service offers fans the chance to catch some of the best sports competitions from around the globe in HD-quality streams with no buffering or interruption. Redstream features many different sports, including football and soccer tournaments, plus detailed schedules and standings as well – all gathered together in one convenient spot!

What happened to MLB66?

MLB66 shut down in 2020 due to rising costs and an inability to meet its licensing obligations. These changes meant that MLB66 was no longer able to provide users with accurate streams of sporting events, which left many people looking for a new streaming service.

Is MLB66 Working?

No, as of July 2020, MLB66 is no longer operational. Those who were relying on it for streaming sports games will need to look elsewhere.


Why did MLB66 Shut Down?

The service stopped operations due to rising costs and difficulties obtaining licensing agreements for the events they were streaming.

What happened to my account when MLB66 shut down?

All accounts are no longer active or valid. You will need to register for a new account on any of the alternative streaming services mentioned in this article.

Are there still options for watching live sports online?

Yes, as highlighted above, there are multiple great alternatives to MLB66 that offer similar features and access to high-quality streams of your favorite teams’ games!

Which sites have good-quality HD streams?

Crackstreams, Sportsbay, Volokit and MyP2P, are some of the platforms that offer high-quality HD streaming.

Is it free to stream live sports online?

Many services allow you to view games and broadcasts for free, while others require a subscription fee.


MLB66 was a popular choice among those looking for an easy and convenient way to watch live sports. However, this service has since shut down, leaving many users without their favorite streaming service. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives available that offer more features and higher-quality streams than even MLB66 did in many cases. From Crackstreams to Fox Sports, you’re sure to find the perfect replacement for all your needs – allowing you to stay up-to-date on all of your favorite teams no matter where they play or when!

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